• Jayson Leisenring, CSCS

    Black Belt from Tiger Schullman MMA

    Jayson is a CSCS trainer in New York City. He has a Black Belt from Tiger Schullman MMA, has done 5 marathons with a best time of 3:01, and two Olympic triathlons. He is currently training Jiu Jitsu with Marcelo Garcia, CrossFit style training at End Game Training NYC where he is a coach, and would also like to get to the next level of triathlons with a Half Tri. He is passionate about the science of training and fitness, specifically there has to be a Why behind every part of a program. After the why is established, he considers every hour training session an opportunity to create a masterpiece. Training with Jayson may include a mixture of Kickboxing, Barbells, Dumbells, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls, Stability Balls, TRX, agility work, speed training, endurance training, and anything else he deems necessary to help someone reach their fitness and health goals…wherever they may be starting from.

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  • Training together

    If you live in the New York City area and would like to train with me, please let me know a few things:
    1. What kind of equipment you have available?
    2. What kind of space?
    3. Times you would like to be trained.
    4. Are you more interested in CrossFit style, Boxing/Kickboxing, Triathlon training, normal gym, or any other type of training.
    My minimum rate is $115/Session or 5 sessions for $500. Depending on traveling and other circumstances the rate may be higher.
    Please email me or call for an appointment to meet and discuss your goals, fitness level, and availability.

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  • Training at End Game Training, NYC

    This would require you to join the gym on 30th and Park Avenue in NYC.
    There the type of training would be Semi-Private in the sense that there could be anywhere from 1-6 people participating in a session at one time.
    Contact me for more information and to set up an evaluation.

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  • Mobile Training

    This would involve an extensive phone or Skype interview to get an idea of:
    1. Training experience
    2. Goals
    3. Training likes/dislikes
    4. Equipment available
    5. Availability
    6. How many workouts we would need a week
    7. How we will monitor progress
    This type of training would start at $100/Month for one contact a week and 2 workouts per week.

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