Why We Do Sprints!

Sprint Trianing!  Why do we do it?

As you know, I’ve been harping on sprint training a lot since the weather has gotten warmer.  I found this article from the Poliquin Group, which I feel is amazing.  Here are Eight Reasons Why Everyone Should Do Sprints.

We all know that sprint training can be mentally challenging, but the benefits it offers in a shorter time period than other exercises are substantial.
Better heart and lung health
Improved circulation
Better cognition (Brain efficiency)
Improved metabolism (Burning Fat)
Optimal hormonal environment (More testosterone for boys and more growth hormone for girls and less cortisone for both)
Ideal body composition (Won’t look like a marathon runner, not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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SenshiFit Point System – New

This will be a point system for everyone involved with SenshiFit. It will give you a good idea of where you are strength and cardiovascular wise.

  1. Push Ups –
    • Elbows at 90 degree angle at the bottom and full extension at the top. No more than 2 seconds rest.
    • Each 10 will be 1 point with numbers in between counting as .1, .2, etc. So 55 push ups is 5.5 points
  2. Sit ups in 60 Seconds –
    • Men hold 5lb dumbbell behind their heads, women hold 3lb dumbbell.
    • Same scoring as above
  3. Wall Walks –
    • Starting position is a chest on floor and then walking back to one hand touching within one foot of the wall.
    • Each touch and then back to chest on floor is 1 point.
  4. Squats –
    • Men will have dumbbell weight = to 30% of body weight. So a man at 200lbs. will have 60 lbs of dumbells or 2-30lb dumbells held at their shoulders. Women will have dumbells = to 25% of body weight. So a woman at 150lbs will use about 40 lbs of dumbells or 2-20 lbs dumbells.
    • 10 reps is = to 1 point with reps in between counting as .1, .2, etc.
  5. Shoulder Presses –
    • Men will use dumbbell weight = to 25% of body weight. So a man at 200 will use use 2-25lb dumbells. Dumbells and elbows pointing forward.
    • Point system same as above.
  6. Dumbell punches –
    • Men will use 5 lb dumbells and women 3 lb dumbells. Continuous punching with each 2 punch combination lasting 1 second. One minute counts as one point with seconds counting as partial. So a 3:30 continuous punching would be 3.3 points.
  7. Dumbell Squat Front Kicks –
    • Men will use 2 – 10lb dumbells and women 2 – 5 lb dumbells. A complete squat with alternating front kicks.
    • Every 10 is 1 point with between reps being partial points
  8. Round House Kicks in 2 minutes –
    • One minute each side. The kicking foot must come down at least a foot behind the stabilizing foot. Go for one minute on one foot and then immediately switch
    • Each 10 kicks count for one point with reps in between being partial.
  9. 1,2,3,2 Combinations in 2 minutes –
    • Must be full extension with elbows near locking on each punch or the combo will not count.
    • Same scoring as above.
  10. Burpies with 1,2 Punch in 2 minutes –
    • Chest hits the floor at the bottom and Feet leave the ground one inch at the top. Then give partner 1,2,1,2. Repeat. A lot.
    • Same scoring as above.

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Myths of Training

I got this article out of a Men’s Health magazine and I like it because it’s based in SCIENCE.  So there is research behind debunking these 7 myths of strength training.  I’ll lay them out and give you my take on each of them.


1.     MYTH: Slow Movement exercises builds Muscle faster

a.     There’s a type of training that’s called Super Slow and I’ve always been suspect of it.  Why would you want to do that when you’re not going to do it in real life, was my thinking.  Well it turns out my thinking was correct.

b.     Science: In research, a group did a 5 second down phase and a 10 second up phase.  The other group did 1 second down and 1 second up.  The faster repetition group burned 71% more calories and obviously lifted 250% more weight.

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Senshi Means Warrior – The WHY of Training

Senshi = Warrior or The Why of Training

Regarding “Why” we train, I would like people to become stronger mentally as well as physically through their training.  That is why I named it SENSHIfit.  Senshi means warrior in Japanese.  A warrior, to me, must have a strong mental component to compliment their physical prowess.  A warrior has also found something or is in search of something within them that pushes them through the difficult times of training and life.  The “What Are You Fighting For?” mantra.  If you’re training just to look good, or to fight, they will both fade.  But finding a deeper meaning like family, making the world a better place, improving the lives of others, or giving back to society will never fade.  I think that these have to be personal and obviously different for each person.

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What is High Intensity Interval Training and Why Do We Do It?

I want to give you a better idea of what we’re doing when we train.  You notice we do a lot of “Circuit Training” or “Interval Training.”  We do short bursts of intense exercise followed by rest periods.  What it’s known as is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

What is HIIT? – High intensity or Maximal training is generally 80% – 90% of your maximum heart rate.  Humans can only do extreme high intensity, 90% of MHR, for about 20 seconds and less intense exercises for longer.  It depends on the individual and their conditioning.

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