Carlos Brooks

Jayson is a very motivated, driven coach that has helped me reach my conditional peak numerous times, for all my competitions. Great instructor and amazing friend.

Carlos Brooks

SenshiFit is the ultimate workout experience. And there is no better coach or trainer than Jayson. The class has transformed my son’s body and mind. I can not thank him enough for what he has done for my son.

Matthew Kadushin

Jayson is one of the best coaches I have had. With his conditioning, I have been stronger, faster, and leaner. His workouts may be tough but he manages to kick your a** while still making it fun.

Karissa Young

Jayson designs his workouts so that whether you’re training for a fight, want to increase your fitness levels, are looking to lose weight, or even if you have never worked out before, you are still able to challenge your body and get an amazing workout.  It’s impossible to get bored or fall in a rut as he changes things up constantly.  He is extremely passionate about training and in helping you attain your fitness goals.

Parul Laul

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