Why We Do Sprints!

Sprint Trianing!  Why do we do it?

As you know, I’ve been harping on sprint training a lot since the weather has gotten warmer.  I found this article from the Poliquin Group, which I feel is amazing.  Here are Eight Reasons Why Everyone Should Do Sprints.

We all know that sprint training can be mentally challenging, but the benefits it offers in a shorter time period than other exercises are substantial.
Better heart and lung health
Improved circulation
Better cognition (Brain efficiency)
Improved metabolism (Burning Fat)
Optimal hormonal environment (More testosterone for boys and more growth hormone for girls and less cortisone for both)
Ideal body composition (Won’t look like a marathon runner, not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Eight Reasons why Everyone should do Sprint Training

1.    Lose Fat Fast
Scientifically proven many times that sprint training is more effective at buring fat than moderate paced jogging.
i.     A research study in 1994 had a group of people that did 20 weeks of moderate based exercise versus a group that did 15 weeks of sprint interval training.  20 weeks vs. 15 weeks.  And the group of people that did sprinting lost 9 times more body fat and 12% more visceral belly fat.

2.    Build muscle and target fast twitch muscle fibers
Sprinting will help build muscle for a couple reasons.
i.     It enhances protein synthesis pathways by as much as 230%.  This will lead to leaner muscles.
ii.     Better body composition.  For men, more testosterone and less cortisol and for women, more growth hormone and less  cortisol.  You want a higher ratio of testosterone or GH to cortisol to burn fat.

3.    Increased endurance and work capacitySo sprinting will help you’re body use oxygen better to create energy, and help you work out longer.
Also, these adaptations will occur in your body.
i.     Sprinting “Trains” the body to be more efficient by increasing the amount of glycogen in the muscles.
ii.     INTERVALS increase the body’s ability to remove waste products during exercise.

4.     Improve Heart healthStudies show sprint interval training has increased stroke volume and lowered training and resting heart rates.
Studies show better arterial structure, significant decrease in systolic blood pressure.
For elderly, interval training helps them with cardiovascular health and helps them build fast twitch muscles to help prevent falls.  (Aerobic training for elderly is overrated as it leads to LOSS of muscle in the long run)

5.    Improve Insulin Sensitivity & Energy Use (What the heck does this mean?)Low insulin sensitivity could lead to a whole host of problems from less energy to inability to burn fat
Sprinting leads to an increase in post-workout calorie burn (called EPOC).  Essentially you’re burning fat longer after you work out.

6.    Improve Conditioning, Circulation & Lung FunctionSprint training is better for your lungs than jogging.  You’ll be better able to run up stairs or after your kids.
Also lowered cholesterol and improved circulation more in studies that had a group of joggers vs. a group of sprinters.

7.    Improve Cognition, Brain Volume & Prevent DepressionEveryone knows that fitness has mental benefits.  Sprinting is the most beneficial.
It decreases inflammation in the brain, improves hormone balance, better mobility, and makes you feel energized.

8.    Save time, while building mental toughness
Sprinting means running fast which means it doesn’t take as long to get a good workout in.
It’s HARD!  You’re not going to want to do it.  So when you make it through yet another workout, you’re going to benefit from the mental toughness of accomplishment.

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